Facebook which is having more than 500 million social users worldwide is the no. 1 social networking sites having number 2 in Alexa. Day by day organization and other business houses are creating Facebook accounts. Here I will explain the core difference between business and personal account on Facebook.

Difference in layout

User profile or individual includes nick name or real name, religious view, marital status, political view, photo profile and date of birth in member section. It also contain personal website link. Profile page of users contain an activity list performed by the member such as the pages that he/she like or dislike.

In case of Facebook business account, it includes the name of the business along with the business information such as the name of the business owner, physical address, the date of business build, business contact number and business log. Also create group page for your business in order to discuss about their brands.

A business profile will carry business photo or image of fans whereas profile contains the images.

Differences in obtaining an account

Professional business representatives formulate and handle business events or promotions on Facebook and a user can maintain personal promotional activities side by side.

Differences in adding friends

Friends can be added or they can join a business fan page without friend request or notice, whereas Facebook individual accounts will require friend requests that need to be approved to add in friend list. Moreover, a user can reject or accept a friend request.

Differences in messages that appear on the wall

A Facebook business account display messages in wall through link and multimedia whereas individual users post their private messages on his/her wall. Business page should never contain any game application in wall, whereas Facebook individual profile carries the same.

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